You’ve finished the starters serie. Congrats you did a fantastic job! Up to next level. Know you can play your basic chords and variations, you master rhythmes and know how to build up tention in a song. You’ve learned to know your guitar and some theorie that will be even more helpfull in the future of your path. Also you have some basic fingerpicking patterns in your fingers and started your barre chords. So now we’re gonna start off there more barre chords, more switching between basic chords, variation on basic chords and barre chords, more and complexer fingerpicking, greater jumps on the neck,… When you’ve finished this level you’ll be able to move quickly on the guitarneck while changing chapes, while fingerpicking, while soloing,… also you’ll have an insight in your instrument according to how music is build up. And more so… you’ll be totally ready to start of with learning real fingerstyle guitar. And your progression in that style of playing will be quicker because you’ve mastered already certain skills.

Have fun with the next levels!

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