Great you want to start playing the guitar! It’s a wonderfull instrument to play solo which you’ll enjoy a lot. You can make a groove while playing a bassline, chordpicking and melody at the same time. You truly can be a one-man-band in the future or play different music styles… There will open a wide range of possibilities! The path is not always that easy and certainly in the beginning you have to push through! Be patiënt with yourself. Under each level you’ll find a menu with a brief description of what you learn each lesson. That way you’ll be able to find in fast way the lessons you want to watch again. When you have subscribed the lessons won’t be all visible at the same time. Each week a new lesson will become visibe. That way you’ll follow the path and method in a profound way. Later on in the course – starting from Starters Level 3 – I made more differentiation so if you progress fast you can learn more, but if you progress slower than that’s no problem too. The maingoals of each level don’t have to be achieved at the end of the same level but on the end of the level that is following. So the maingoals of level 1 should be achieved at the end of level 2. Each level is about 2,5 months.

When can you play guitar? It’s a question often asked.
First of all you should make music from the begin. Each note you play is music, so feel the music and groove immediately. But for instance basic songs with easy rhythmes take max 6 months, depending omn how much you practice. Some people make a faster progression due to practice and talent. Even if you have tons of talent, you should practice to grow to higher levels of playing. The growing process is endless… How more you know you know, how more you know you know nothing 😉

What if I have problems during the learning process or if I’m not certain about myself?
If you only follow the online course without weekly live lessons, then it can be helpfull to follow a private lesson once and a while. Then I can correct what you are doing and help you out with pending questions. Normally the course is very self-explanatory but you never know… If necessary: contact me and we’ll meet on ZOOM or in real life.

Lots of succes and pleasure! And see you inside the course!

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